A friend of mine needed a logo for her new business, Heart Humboldt, which created CBD salves, lotions, and other topicals.

The logo needed to be versatile: it would appear on business cards, event posters, circular bottle tops, and small lip balm containers. The logo needed ability to change color to match and invite different moods. Above all, it needed to have a DIY feel just as the product itself were to have.

My friend love pottery, the simplicity of hand written words, and of course, the Redwoods of beautiful Humboldt County, CA.

She was pleased with her products and in the end we both found our arts fitting perfectly together.


A local bowling alley and known watering hole was bought by a local hod-rod master who was revamping it to have a new-age but classic old school bowling alley vibe. I commissioned him to having monthly comedy shows, and he agreed as long as I could pick up most of the slack.

The old business had no digital logos, only the sign out front of the building and whatever anyone printed on Microsoft Word for new copied-and-copied-again scorecards. This meant on top of media for my own comedy show, I was tasked with the awesome opportunity to help digitize the bowling alley brand, creating a logo and marketing, and take the company with me into the new brand.

We created the name for the show, Kingpin Comedy, as a node to the amazing Bill Murray movie about the sport.